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There are many of offshore Sportsbook's to choose from but there are only a handful that will be exceptionally fast with payouts and have great customer service, including having an easy-to-use platform to bet with. We've tested and tried most of the them ourselves, including our clients and know which Sportsbook's will suit you best.  Whether you bet Big or Small you want to make sure when you win that You GET PAID & Quick!
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Investment GraphIf you Bet 5-8 Team Parlays...

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For those of you College & NFL bettors that like to bet parlays each Saturday and Sunday, our Parlay Picks Package is perfect for just $9 per week.  It includes a selection on over 8 NFL games on the board each Sunday and 8 Games on the board each Saturday with a unit rating for each selection that will maximize your profits.  Here at OTL Sports we are all about helping you put a little extra cash in your wallet. We understand not everyone follows College & NFL seven days a week during the regular season but that is our job, and with almost three decades experience at acquiring information on College & NFL games, we are one of the best in the business.  It is perfect for players that do NFL Office Pool Picks and even a little more serious about sports wagering.  College Parlay Picks and NFL Parlay Picks are available every Wednesday Night after 5pm ET.

NFL Football Parlay Picks     College Football Parlay Picks

NFL Parlay Picks 1 Week -  Buy Now $9                    College Parlay Picks 1 Week - Buy $9
NFL Parlay Picks 4 Weeks -  Buy Now $29             College Parlay Picks 4 Weeks - Buy $29

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FACT 2007-2012: If you took our recommended betting units the last 6 seasons in Football alone...a $50 Bettor averaged $6,400 per season with our Football Parlay Recommendations.Investment Graph  You will receive 8 Recommendation each Saturday and 8 Recommendations each Sunday in Football, with each selection unit rated to maximize your profits.  In Fact, Our Highest 4-5* Parlay Picks hit over 72% the past 2 seasons. 

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Millions of players worldwide play the parlay cards and bet parlays in a chance of hitting big. OTL has run the numbers each week for years and has developed a system that can make you money betting parlays.

    College Parlay Picks
   Example of Parlay Picks you will receive:

3* Hawaii -6 Nevada +6
3* Purdue -1 Indiana +1
3* Oklahoma -8 Texas Tech +8
2* Boise State -34 Idaho +34
2* Missouri -7 Kansas State +7
2* California -7 Washington +7
2* Southren Miss -3 UTEP +3
1* Illinois -13 1/2 Northwest +13 1/2
1* Texas -7 Texas Tech +7
1* UL Lafayette -3 1/2 Florida Intl +3 1/2

   NFL Parlay Picks
  Example of Parlay Picks you will receive:
3* Chicago -3 Oakland +3
3* Pittsburgh -10 Cleveland +10
3* Indianapolis -3 San Diego +3
2* New England -15 Cleveland +15
1* Ny Giants -1 Miami +1
1* Tampa Bay +4 Cincy -4
1* Detroit +10 Chicago -10