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Why On Top of the Line Sports?

There is a reason why 1000's of clients have chosen On Top of the Line Sports
when it comes to getting quality sports handicapping advice and winning information.

Winning Since 1992 Close to three Decades!

When you deal with On Top of the Line Sports, you're dealing with a recognized leader and trusted name in the sports handicapping industry.  In business for nearly three decades, we must be doing something right!  We monitor our competition and always make sure we take better care of our clients than any other service. By doing business the right way in and industry with several less than reputable operations we continue to grow and improve our service to our clients.

A Vast Network of Information!

Over the years our team expert informers has grown from a handful of highly placed friends to one of the best connected insider networks of sports handicappers in the nation. We encourage you to check each of these services' pages for updates and free picks daily. When you sign up for a membership from any one of our handicappers we guarantee you a profit or we'll extend your service and work for free until we show you one -- no questions asked. WE ARE THE ONLY SERVICE THAT PROVIDES THIS KIND OF GUARANTEE. Updated sports handicapping advice daily As you will see on our home page we have updated information on a daily basis. Whether you're looking for matchups and stats, free picks or in-depth articles, we have you covered. If there is a particular topic you are interested in please email us at and one of or staff writers will get back to you. Our contacts include, industry experts, sports book managers (in both Nevada and offshore) and many others so don't hesitate to drop us a line.

So how do we make you a winner?

During the course of any week oddsmakers and sports books have to set lines for EVERY game being played. We simply find a few of their mistakes. Our staff spends hours researching the games. We compile enormous amounts of information that includes statistics, trends, injury reports, weather reports, emotional factors, and most importantly - exclusive information from the sportsbooks that is not available to the general public. This exclusive information comes from a network of personal contacts, which we have developed and maintained through out the past 27+ years. These contacts provide us with information that you won't find anywhere else - information that odds makers, sports books and other sports services simply don't have. This exclusive information by no means guarantees us a win every game, but it does give us and edge over time and has proven to be very reliable (and profitable).

Success is a tradition at On Top of the Line Sports

We measure success in decades. We are very proud to be one of the only sports services that have stood that test of time. As a customer of On Top of the Line Sports you will receive the best sports handicapping advice available. Our courteous staff is easy to work with and you can be assured that there will be no high-pressure sales. Your personal information is held with strict confidence - we NEVER sell, trade or give your name, address or e-mail to anyone else. For those of you who have dealt with us in the past you know that developing a relationship based on integrity, honesty and hard work is never a problem at On Top of the Line. For those of you who haven't used our service, what are you waiting for? Check out our current packages below. You will find OTL Sports to be the finest service with fair prices and most important - the ability to make you money.

Please call us toll free anytime to discuss one of our memberships.

Call 1-800-618-5463, or Simply choose the sport you are interested in. Sign up for one of our packages. The longer the service you subscribe to, the bigger the discount and we do suggest you sign up for at least a one week package to start out with.

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